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Matthew 5:3

New International Version

“Blessed are the poor in spirit,
 for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."

What kind of blessing do you want? Jesus was teaching on a mountain about how to be a blessing. I want to go through these one a day. The word beatitude comes from the Latin word beatitudo, meaning blessedness. Eight times during the opening lines of Jesus’s revolutionary Sermon, He repeats the phrase “blessed are”. The message He means to convey through these proclamations of blessing or beatitudes is a simple one, but it flies in the face of everything the spiritual leaders were teaching at the time. To be poor is having nothing. It’s only when we pour out everything that is in us that we can be poor in spirit. When you keep it all to yourself then you have plenty and God can’t give you more. But when you give all of yourself to others then Jesus can put so much more in. Remember Jesus just wants to give back more to you His children.

Go with Jesus today and be a blessing to someone.

Audrey Gunn

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